Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Here's what new in the swapping world of Asma.

Here is the tons of ribbon I received from Dana and Kathy H. Thank you!

Here is a scene in a matchbox that I sent out. It's a little library if you can't tell. It's about 2 1/4" by 1 1/8 inches. I used paper and clay and shrinky dinks and colored wooden match sticks to create the scene.

Handmade items sent to me by Dawn in the UK. A beautiful roomy polka-tote and a wash cloth that seems to have the most intricate 'brick' stitch.

Handmade items I sent across the seas to Australia. Some soap and letterpressed notecards and polymer items.

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BMT said...

I just received my pen from you and wanted to say Thank You...It is great and I love the little jounal type that came with it...I failed miserably with the polymer clay, so am very jealous of what you have done....Thanks again...BMT