Friday, March 13, 2009

Sneak Peek

I'm making a couple baby quilts as gifts, so I can't do the big reveal yet, but here is a sneak preview. The owl print is so cute, and this was actually my first finished quilt - with a binding and everything! I learned A LOT and I have to admit to being quite proud of myself, although I'm not sure I could handle a bigger size just yet. Oh ... one thing I learned is that 100 meters of thread is NOT enough for a baby quilt. Small Gutterman spool = not enough thread! And also I really enjoyed using the Fairfield 50% Bamboo 50% Cotton batting. I think the emergence of bamboo is great - from floors to kitchen items to to yarn, it really seems to be a super-plant. Apparently, the batting is also "naturally antibacterial" for what that's worth. Must be good for the kiddies.

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